About us.

We sparkle relocation with relief by providing authentic information, into a community powered by trust and safety.

Why people relocate.

Its always good to relocate whether within towns or to the upcountry, in the quest to conquer your dreams with convenience.

How to use sure space app.

1. Create an account.
All you need is an email address and phone number.

2. Choose the county you want space on the left button and select.
If you want to relocate within the same county, use the right button to select 5KM (five kilometer) radius.

3. Select the house size and price range. Select from three categories.
Premium properties are free to view
Popular properties are free to view
Latest properties charge a levy of Ksh.50 (fifty Kenya shillings only) to access details.

4. Contact the manager and arrange to view. You may use maps on the app to get to the location.

5. On inspecting the house, if satisfactory reserve the house at Ksh. 500 for 48 hours.

6. Agree to terms and conditions and submit required documents within time frames required.

7. You will get payment details, direct to the landlord and send payment slips image through the app.

8. A receipt will be automatically generated on verification to allow access.